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Eye2Eye Media focuses on communicating positive values to a broad audience in a creative, attractive and accessible manner.

Eye2Eye Media specialises in translating seemingly difficult or unpopular but always relevant or important subjects into attractive, accessible and successful communication applications.

The personality of our staff can be found in our concepts. They are creative, passionate and uninhibited and view the world from a positive inspiration and point of view. Our TV formats and productions are fascinated and inspired by people; their relationship with the world, their environment, their actions, thoughts and feelings.

The productions of Eye2Eye Media are carried out in a respectful, original manner. Challenging and positively moving our audiences thoughts and actions.


Our television programmes have been and continue to be broadcast in the Netherlands by AVRO, EO, Jewish Broadcasting, KRO, LLiNK, MAX, NCRV, RKK, TROS, TELEAC/NOT and RVU.


The formats of Eye2Eye Media are distributed internationally by Absolutely Independent and FCCE.


Producer Jacco Doornbos established Eye2Eye Media in 1998. After a solo start in an attic in Amersfoort he and a few employees soon moved into offices in Hilversum. In 2002 the company employed seven people and moved to larger office facilities.

Since 2003 the company is based in Hilversum on the Orionlaan. Today the Eye2Eye Media team consists of 15 to 25 people, depending on the production volume.


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