Go Go, Kosher!

Who cooks the most delicious kosher dish in just 30 minutes?

Two Jewish clubs or families compete against each other to prepare the most delicious kosher dish within 30 minutes in the exciting cooking format Go Go Kosher!

Each epiosde focusses on a theme. How both teams interpret that theme is entirely up to them! The Jewish clubs, families or groups of friends delegate two team members. According to their recommendations, these team members have real cooking chef qualities... Are they worthy of this title? The amateur culinary chefs have to prove their stuff at the drop of a hat. The clock is ticking and a strict jury, consisting of a rabbi, a Yiddish Mama and a culinary critic, will be watching. The rabbi's wachtfull eye in particular will make the teams sweat: everything must be done the kosher way! Who manages to win over the jury's taste buds with tjeir culinary kosher talents and wins the title of Kosher Dish Of The Month

While the cooking is in full force, the viewer will discover more about Jewish holidays and cultural and religious traditions as well as kosher cooking. An expert will talk passionately about the theme of the episode and it's related ingredients. This way episodes can coincide with Jewish holidays, with Passover as the climax!

The format is already being produced in it's second series in the Netherlands and is very succesfull with a 6.1 marketshare in daytime weekend programming. Including repeats 200.000 viewers per episode.

Download the international sales flyer in pdf:   Flyer Go Go Kosher

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