The National Bible Quiz

A unique & proven TV Format where entertainment is used to test and enhance the Nation’s knowledge of the Bible…

The question, “how well do I know the Bible, the most widely read book in the world?”  is answered in an exciting, successful and sophisticated cross media concept.



The National Bible Quiz puts the viewer to the test: How much do you know about the Bible and therefore, how much do you know about the foundation of your country’s culture? The National Bible Quiz is not a religious quiz, but a cultural entertainment event!


The National Bible Quiz is a live interactive entertainment format that brings different groups and Celebrities into the studio to answer dozens of popular questions about the Bible and its influence on contemporary culture. Viewers at home participate via SMS or internet.



Dutch facts & figures:

  • Broadcast annually since 2004, prime time, on 1th Public Channel (NL 1) in the Netherlands
  • Dutch market share of 18%, which is about. 1,1 million viewers in 2004 (16 million residents in the Netherlands)
  • Won the timeslot from semi-finals Dutch version of ‘American Idol’ in 2004, and did maintain high ratings against two important Dutch football games in 2005, 2006. 4th Edition in 2007 had a 10% market share with 635.000 viewers.
  • 43% of the viewers originate from a non-religious background
  • Has been rated as the most popular programme by religious viewers in 2005
  • The quiz on the website is played by 25.000 visitors per edition.
  • 5000 viewers played the quiz by mobile phone during the shows.
  • Dutch title of the show is National Bible Test, international title is National Bible Quiz



The content and questions
All the questions posed during The National Bible Quiz are based on the Bible and its history. The questions are made accessible and entertaining by grounding them in contemporary film, music, literature and other aspects of culture that are influenced by the Bible.



Unique web site with the show
The new National Bible Quiz web site offers a broadcaster and/or users the following unique possibilities:

  • live audience participation during show and integration of results in show
  • Creating valuable database of users profiles
  • Individual knowledge testing game
  • Ongoing site traffic because of up-dated content every week – complete new quizzes every month – in a later stage every day.
  • Individual ranking system
  • Users can connect with other profiles
  • Creating groups – engaging church groups
  • Challenging / inviting new players function
  • Group competition
  • Interesting platform for web shop, cross promotion and cross selling
  • Generating traffic for social network
  • Providing background information
  • Entertaining education tool for Sunday schools and youth groups
  • Generates new audience and participants for the TV show
  • Interesting cross promotion possibilities 




In 2007 the National Bible Quiz board game with 756 entertaining Bible quiz questions has been launched successfully in the Netherlands. The license to the board game is available in other territories as well.